Donna V. Jones

Donna V. Jones is an Associate Professor in the Department of English. She serves as Core Faculty for both the Graduate Group in Critical Theory and the Center for Science, Technology and Society. Her research areas are in science fiction and African and Afro-Caribbean literature; her two research fields  are tied together by her interest in the philosophies of life through which she has raised questions such as: what does it mean to live an authentic life or suffer a living death; what the longing for immortality, seemingly now on the technological horizon, reveals about the human condition; and how has literature expressed a desire for personal and cultural rebirth. She is the author of The Racial Discourses of LIfe Philosophy: Negritude, Vitalism and Modernity, which won the Scaglione Prize in Comparative Literature in 2010. She has nearly completed two other books: one on how artists from the colonized world redefined death and life in the wake of The Great War and the second on  literature and the philosophy of life. Her published and forthcoming work can be found at her personal website maintained by the Department of English. Before her homecoming to Berkeley (she completed her Ph.D. here in Comparative Literature), she taught at Princeton University and Stanford University.