Graduate Student Instructors Needed

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) positions  for ISF 100A are available for fall 2017. See course description below.


ISF 100A Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis

Instructor: Rakesh Bhandari (
Lecture: TTH 12:30-2PM, North Gate 105

Sect. 101
Class # 15446
Mondays 3-4PM
54 Barrows

Sect. 103
Class #15447
Tuesdays, 9-10AM
Wheeler 30

Sect. 104
Class # 15448
Tuesdays 3-4PM
Location: Dwinelle 106

(section times are subject to change)

Course Description:

ISF 100A is an interdisciplinary introduction to social theory and cultural analysis. We'll read Marx's Capital and compare it to Thomas Piketty's economic theory of patrimonial capitalism and Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello's sociological account of network capitalism. Then we'll read Max Weber's Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. We'll compare Weber's account of the origins and uniqueness of Western modernity to Prasannan Parthsarathi's historical  arguments against overdrawing the differences between early modern Europe and Asia. We will also explore Weber's dark view of modernity and modern rationalization through the critical theoretical account of The Origins of Nazi Violence by Enzo Traverso. Finally we'll compare Weber's cultural theory of the origins of Western modernity to the political one developed by James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu. I am looking for GSI's who will enjoy working across the disciplines (economics, sociology, history, political science and critical theory) in thinking through the legacies of the two great pre-disciplinary thinkers Karl Marx and Max Weber. 
Please send resumes and a list of faculty references to