ISF 189 Required Course for Applicants after June 1, 2014

ISF 189 will become a required ISF course for all students who submit applications to the major after June 1, 2014. For these applicants, ISF 189 will need to be completed before a student begins ISF 190, the Senior Thesis Seminar.

Students who have already taken one of the following courses and received a B- or better can place out of the requirement to take ISF 189:

  • International and Area Studies 102 (Scope and Methods in International and Area Studies)
  • Political Science 3 (Introduction to Empirical Analysis and Quantitative Methods)
  • Sociology 5 (Evaluation of Evidence)
  • Anthropology 169B (Research Theory and Methods in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  • History 104 (The Craft of History).